Anti-Mosquito Sounds 1.01

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Anti-Mosquito Sounds

Anti-Mosquito Sound will help you keep all mosquitos and bugs away from you!

Anti mosquitoes sounds are a free mosquito repellent software for your Android device, which uses ultrasonic waves that are not easily heard by human ears, but sensitive to most animals, such as mosquitoes.

This app is able to emit high frequency sounds (ultrasonic sounds) which irritate all small insects. Mosquitos can take that sound as the sound of their enemies (e.g. dragonflies, bats). They will keep away from the source of the sound. Just turn the repellent sound on and keep your mobile phone near you. No mosquito bites any more! Most of the humans cant hear sound above 17 khZ. Our app gives you the availability to set sound frequency from 9 kHz to 23 kHz! Set frequency in way that you canthear the sound and dont worry, mosquitos will hear the sound for sure!

Turn your volume to max while playing sound. This app will not give 100% chance of success. There are a lot of mosquito species in the world and some of them may be resistant to ultrasonic sounds.Some of built-in phone speakers are not able to produce high frequency sounds.

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Operating System: Android

Publisher/Developer: AndroTryt

Release Date: Jul 6, 2014

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