B+ ( B positive) 1.3

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B+ ( B positive)

“Our vision is to bridge the geographical distance with technology to reach the required blood to the needy and save life across the globe.”

Our mission is to inculcate into the minds of young and old the habit of DONATING BLOOD so that they can save a life without any cost.
Our mission is also to drive a clear message into the minds of the people to donate organs to save life and be remembered as an incarnation of a philanthropist.

Request blood:

B+ APP allows registered users to request for their required group of blood during any eventuality.

Once the user request is made the APP will automatically broadcast the request to the concerned

group of blood in the nearest geographical area.

Here the registered users can be either individuals or Medical Care centres.

Notification :

B+ Auto notification alerts will be triggered by the APP whenever the request made by the registered

user is responded by probable donor.

This auto alert notification enables the user to carry out his business and will notify him the message

without his interaction automatically.

This enables the user to place his request and be calm till the auto alert notification feature of the APP

reverts back to him/her.

Eye donation :

B+ app also allows the registered user to place their willingness to donate their eyes after death. This

features in the APP will only receives the willing notification from the registered user without any


The willing notifications received will be then sent to the authorised organisations who handle eye

donation programmes.

B+ APP will only be a correspondence link between the willing donor and the authorised organisation

who handle the eye donation programmes.

Blood Donation history :

B+ APP allows its registered users to maintain the history of their philanthropic deed. The registered

user can thus maintain his blood donation schedule as well know the details of their pervious blood

donation history.

This feature helps the user to stream line his blood donation routine.

Blood request history :

B+ APP allows each user to also maintain the history of his request made for the blood with the other

registered users.

The user gets the full detail of the entire requirement he has placed with the full details of who had

responded to his request with time stamping.

This feature is useful for both individual and medical centre.

The registered user can thus maintain a LOG of their Blood Donation activity.

Near by hospitals : 

The B+ APP main USP is the Auto Blood Donor Locator (ABDL). This feature will allow the

registered user to identify Individual / Medical Centres in the nearby geographical locations Viz GPS

with a press of a button. This feature helps to save the downtime required to locate possible blood

donors of a particular blood group during any emergency.

This feature alerts the nearest probable donor of that particular blood group automatically.

The feature will also allow the registered users to located hospitals nearby his location Viz GPS

markers on a map.

People near me :

This feature in the B+ APP will help identify the fellow B+ registered users blood group wise and

Geographical Location wise.

As and when the new registered users add on the B+ APP will populate its data base automatically.

Notification Privacy :

If the registered user needs privacy he can set his privacy to SAILENT MODE so that he will not be

disturbed if he is not willing to accept the any request at that moment.

Recent changes:
UI optimisation & Bug fixes

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