Blendin 1.0.2

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"Now I know what my friends are up to."

"Super useful app for friends when going out."

Blendin connects friends when going out. Blendin informs its users on who’s going out, with whom and where. Blendin is a closed interaction platform, similar to Snapchat and WhatsApp. Users carefully choose which friends receive their data.

Recent changes:
We decided to make some drastic improvements based on the feedback we received.
The push notifications could have been implemented better so we added the option to receive them selectively.
The friendlist has been redesigned.

Other fixes:
Custom checkin was not working on larger screens.
Back button now properly closes the app.
App sometimes crashed when no location was available.
App resume fixed.
Feedback form won't clear text.
Fixed spelling a spelling in trendsetter popup.

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Publisher/Developer: Blendin

Release Date: Apr 19, 2014

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