BLINK -Eye Care Screen Filter 1.0

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BLINK -Eye Care Screen Filter

Save your Eyes in time. Use BLINK now, thank us years later..

** This is what happens to your eyes **

1. Fonts on Bright Tablets and Mobile Phones displays are too small.
2. You tend to look closely at the screen.
3. You forget to blink your eyes regularly.
4. This evaporates the fluid from your eyes making them dry and at the risk of dry eye syndrome, many times even followed by redness and eye strain and permanent blurred vision.

> There are Apps which claim to protect you from this, but these filter and reminder Apps don't force you to blink your eyes.

> You need to force yourself to build a habit of blinking frequently to prevent all this.

BLINK is the answer.. Improve Your Vision and Reduce Eye Strain with BLINK.

BLINK can not only Save you from Eye Glasses or help you minimize the power of your Corrective Lens. Using BLINK can also prevent glaucoma, Cataract and other eye Health Disorders due to dry eyes syndrome.

If you are an active Tablet/Phone user who stares at the Screen while Reading those tiny fonts, Typing, Playing Games, Watching Videos, then BLINK is made for you.

** How to use BLINK **

>> Just blink your eyes when the screen goes black.
>> Enable and Disable from the notification bar in just a tap..
>> Different modes for all your usage needs- normal, reading, gaming, videos, and more.
>> Totally Customizable time intervals.
>> Swipe or tap to make the black screen disappear
>> The best thing ever made for people who read on Phones and Tablets

Did we just forget to mention that BLINK is completely Free !

BLINK is not meant to disturb whatever you are doing on your phone.
BLINK may feel like annoying when it makes the screen go black for a second, but these blinks or rest is very good for your eyes to preserve and improve your only Vision. You will be soon accustomed to BLINK.

** Detailed Explanation **
Eyestrain symptoms are common to be easily ignored. If you feel dry eyes, headaches, fatigue, blurred vision or loss of focus, dizziness, lightheadedness, or twitching/spasms around your eyes, you're likely suffering from eyestrain. Tired or sore eyes, burning eyes when closed, even nausea are all indications as well.

The problem is that most of us experience these symptoms and shrug them off as a hard day at the office. Instead, pay attention to the signals your body is sending you and do something about it

Staring at your screen for too long will cause short-sightedness over time. BLINK helps you to give your eyes a break.

Optometrists are constantly begging their clients to take more frequent breaks from the television and computer. It’s not a choice we actively ignore though — sometimes, we just forget we’re using it! BLINK will prompt you to take a break, and will potentially save your eyes from some more serious damage.

Save your vision by taking frequent breaks to help rest your eyes.


BLINK will prevent eye strain by helping you rest eyes which is essential for eye care and to save your vision. You need an eye relax to prevent red eyes and eye rest in order to protect your eyesight and prevent eyestrain. Eye rest reminder is vital for your eye health. It functions in a different way than bluelight filter for eye care or any other filter like f.lux, twilight and so on.

Download and use it now: BLINK -Eye Care Screen Filter 1.0 free download

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