Blood Pressure Diary 1.2

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Blood Pressure Diary

This program can help you to control your pressure and pulse. On the first screen user may edit his profile or delete it. It could be done with dialog window, which appears after a long press on the name of profile. Also you can add a new profile by clicking on the green "X" in the upper right corner of the screen. Near this button you can see a settings button. On the setting screen you may choose "show graph after rotation" to show graph of pulse and pressure after screen rotation of your device, also you can choose "show notifications" where you configure notifications about the pill, pressure measurements, etc. Also in settings you select any of three languages: English(default), Russian, Chinese - contact with developres on email and see the section "About program".
Press on the name of your profile to enter to the statistic screen. You can add pressure and heart rate data with a big red button. It is possible to edit and delete all record if you do a long press on the record. Also you can delete all records of current profile. If you ticked the checkbox "show graph after rotation" on the settings screen, graphs will be shown after adding at least 7 record and screen rotation and you may see changes of your pressure and pulse. By clicking on the settings button on the right corner of the screen, you can save measurement data or send them by email to your doctor or relative. We hope that this app will help with control your health in good order.

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