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CloudVault Donate

CloudVault automatically backups your pictures and videos to Google Driv

Wasn't you expecting an app of this kind? I was. Google Drive is a great cloud-based storage service since it's associated with your Gmail account and makes the most of Google Docs, your office in the cloud. For this reason, make backups of your pictures and videos to storage them on Google Drive is a must. Do it isn't too much complicated, however, it's much better if an app makes it for us. That's what CloudVault does.

CloudVault automatically tracks pictures and videos located on your phone and uploads it to Google Drive (you can create folders for them). You can select though upload only when connected to Wifi or even when connected just to the "current" network. There are other useful features like "Don't upload when battery is below this level", "upload when charging only" or "Save battery by grouping upload while on mobile" (Intelligent mobile upload). You can enable/disable the service whenever you want from "Service status" button.

There's a free storage counter that shows MBs left to reach your storage limit (by default 5GB). Although this should have been developed by Google Inc., they didn't. This is NekJo Media's merit. It uses just Google Drive api: your data is safe, there won't be any abuse.

In a few words, a must-have for those dedicated Google Drive users.

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Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here

This is the donate version of CloudVault Photo Uploader.
Please purchase if you wish to support me for my work on CloudVault Photo Uploader; this will also allow me to spend more time adding additional features!

This app does not do anything.
You can uninstall it after 48 hours if you'd like.

Your support is very much appreciated!

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