Destroy Iphone Prank 1.0

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Destroy Iphone Prank

!!Attention, attention!!
Want to try the most addictive and relaxing thing, Iphone destroying? With our app Destroy Iphone, you will be able to cut and crack screen with the knife, strike and break screen with the hammer and shoot Iphone with the gun. Come on, try your best to destroy Iphone in any exciting way.

Key Feature:
✔ We provide several ways and weapons for you, Knife, Claw, hammer, gun and machine gun.
✔ There are two cracking modes for your option, shoot Iphone and shoot my phone.
✔ Realistic breaking sound of the cracked screen, hammer striking sound and gun shoot sounds.
✔ Realistic crack image and breaking effect.
✔ One key to clean the broken screen to original.

Don't hesitate to download this extraordinary amusing and relaxing app which is totally free.

Download and use it now: Destroy Iphone Prank 1.0 free download

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Size: 7241 kb


3 stars

Operating System: Android

Publisher/Developer: JoyLot

Release Date: Nov 14, 2015

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