Elsa Frozen Makeup Tutorial 1.1

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Elsa Frozen Makeup Tutorial

Frozen,Anna Elsa inspired makeup tutorial

People who are in love with Disney! I told you should never think you will be too old to love the amazing movies that Disney creates. I want to suggest the creativity behind them! The most recent Disney movie that came out is called, “Frozen.” Many people did love this movie! that was very well done with the animation and the story line. But, on a makeup lover’s perspective you may noticed that wow…these characters have really amazing makeup. So we provide you inspired makeup looks in the form of video tutorials. If you don’t know much about this movie. It is about 2 sisters, one named Anna and the other named Elsa. Well Elsa has this ability to turn things into Winter or ice. This ability causes a lot of issues between the sisters. She becomes what they call, “The Ice Queen.” Anna has a neutral look, whereas Elsa has a very pretty look with the color purple which right now maybe is your favorite color. Please be enjoy learning them.

Elsa Makeup Tutorial
Anna Makeup Tutorial
Celebrity Beauty Tutorial
Korean Style Makeup Tutorial

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