flash blink on call and sms 1.0.0

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flash blink on call and sms

One of the best Free Flashlight blink alert application in the Google play store. Useful when you are in heavy music party where you cannot hear ringtones or vibration OR in the dark or at night when you do not want to hear ringtones or in a meeting.Do you want flash blink alert on call or SMS then download this application.
* Turn the Flash blinking ON or OFF with a single button.
* Set the app working in " Normal Mode " , " Vibrate Mode " and " Silent Mode ".
* When you receive a call or a text message, the flash will blink.
* You can set the amount of flash alerts you want for call or SMS.
* You can set the duration of a flash blink.
* You can set the flashes per message as well.
* You can set different modes like normal, vibrate, and silent for both call and sms.
Flash Blink on Call and SMS will give you flash notifications which is very useful at many times.

We tried our best to make this app free, easy and friendly. if you like our app please dont forget to rate it also if you have any suggestion to improve it then please do not delay and throw us your suggestion.

Download and use it now: flash blink on call and sms 1.0.0 free download

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3 stars

Operating System: Android

Publisher/Developer: Chris Williams

Release Date: Jun 17, 2015

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