Learning Colors LITE 2.0.0

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Learning Colors LITE

Ages 3 & up

Learning Colors LITE will give your child an advantage in school and beyond. With NO READING REQUIRED TO PLAY, children will be given a picture of an object. They will then be given multiple choice options of what color the object is. Once they select the correct answer, they will learn each color by sight. They will also launch into hyperspace and will be given a gift by their little space buddy, Orbit. Each incorrect answer gives your child a different space obstacle, such as asteroids, aliens, black holes, and rocket malfunction. After each incorrect answer, your child will be given another chance, allowing them to learn each and every color.

- Free
- No Reading Required
- Learn Basic Colors
- Colorful Pictures on Each Screen
- Fun, Space Themed Adventure
- No Sound (Yes parents, you’re welcome!)

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“My kids love it! Vanya Jade’s Learning Launch Series has helped my children gain an early advantage in school. They love the apps. They are always asking to play, because they’re fun and educational. They keep the kids busy on road trips, at home and everywhere else. I highly recommend these apps for any parent who wants to make learning fun for their children.”
- Patty, mother

“I wish we had these apps when I was teaching school. My granddaughter is absolutely in love with Vanya Jade Apps! These apps are a perfect combination of fun and learning. It is very important to keep kids’ interest when teaching, and these apps do a great job of that. Thank you Vanya Jade.”
- Barbara, retired school teacher and grandmother

This app is an addition to Vanya Jade Application’s popular Learning Launch Series. This series blends learning and fun through an out of this world adventure through the galaxy. Each correct answer boosts you farther into hyperspace, along with your little robot buddy, Orbit.

Vanya Jade Applications give children engaging and instructional learning applications. We help your child with their first steps toward an exciting world of learning. Vanya Jade apps teach children basic spelling, colors, shapes, and more. Learning Launch apps are based on visual recognition through multiple choice options. This helps to develop your child’s ability to visually identify the essential building blocks of learning, such as short words, basic colors, and key shapes. For more on Vanya Jade Applications, go to www.vanyajade.com.

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Release Date: Aug 3, 2014

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