Mini Golf: Western Adventure 1.0

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Mini Golf: Western Adventure

Start playing the best mini golf 3D game on android and go back in time with the Indians and Cowboys! This fun mini game with 25 different levels and obstacles will give you hours of gaming fun. Use loops and big ramps with booster to reach the other side of this cool golfing circuit and conquer the western pioneers that invented this crazy golf game! Discover who is the best putter chief and become the best mini golf player among the diamond diggers of the west. A diamond digger once started with dynamite but he lost one of his legs so from now on they use a ball for this sports game. So join this old school adventure and who knows what you will find on your golfing path around this cool 3D cartoonish Cowboy and Indians town full with secrets and mysteries.

We hope you like this beautifully and awesome fantasy putt game while enjoying the cartoon graphics and we would love to hear your feedback about the game and what we could change to make the game even better.

Mini Golf: Western Adventure features:
- Awesome western game scenes with cool animations and simulations.
- Totally FREE to play on your mobile device.
- Play this game as a outlaw!
- 25 perfect sports levels.

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Size: 30255 kb


5 stars

Operating System: Android

Publisher/Developer: World 3D Games

Release Date: Oct 22, 2015

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