Mobile Gamepad - BETA 1.0.6

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Mobile Gamepad - BETA

Transform your mobile device to a generic wireless gamepad, which enables you to play many games, each game with its own custom controls, also you can use your device accelerometer motion in playing.

This App requires a server application to be installed on windows machine
You can download server application from this url

* Sever application is available only for windows.

Mobile Gamepad Features:

1- Easy to use traditional controls
2- Fluid movements
3- Support L1,L2,R1,R2 buttons with custom configurations
4- Support swipe over controls for easy usage not just clicking
5- Access game list and run games from mobile app, each game with its own controls
6- Ability to use device accelerometer for games like flight simulation & racing games
7- Use your device volume buttons to control windows volume
8- Mouse movments & clicking emulation (experimental feature)

To use mouse movements & navigation in 3D games, you must click and hold on the central circle inside actions circle "to the right" then use normal directions, more details on this video:

Mouse emulation is an experimental feature and will be enhance in future versions.
Sensors & Mouse sensitivity controls are coming in next update

Please before submitting a bad review:
If you have a bug (the app is in beta phase)
Drop me email or send it to the app thread on XDA forum

Quick Start Guide:

Planned Features:

* Bluetooth connection
* Voice commands
* Automatic discovery for server application
* Custom layouts "Every game layout can be customized, Not fixed number of layouts"

Recent changes:
- server application work without administrator permission
- less network usage when using sensors
- enhanced sensors with more responsiveness & sensitivity control
- fixed text color on android 2.3

Download and use it now: Mobile Gamepad - BETA 1.0.6 free download

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Operating System: Android

Publisher/Developer: MMH Dev

Release Date: May 8, 2014

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