Multi Video Clip: Downloader 1.0.0

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Multi Video Clip: Downloader

Simple save all kinds of file from the web sites.
Do you have any favorited videos and images on the web?
With [Multi Video Clip] you can simply save media files including PDFs.
Here is a simple browser type content downloader which lets you save image, video, music files and more from the web.
Of course, you can view all saved data offline or in in-flight mode.
For searching and saving, the good choice is [Multi Video Clip].

Principal function

- PDF, video, image and other media files save / play and display
- Save the download history
- Download complete notification
- Play the in-app video: Player function
- Can play online videos

In-app browser

- You can choose videos using a web search
- You can call intent to browser search
- Site bookmarks feature
- Featured stream playback of video-sharing sites (such as Veoh)

Supports downloads from various video sharing sites

Download videos from video sharing sites such as nikoniko video, FC2 videos, SayMove!, Pandora TV, Daum Garaku (, Tudou, Youku, Veoh, Metacafe, Vimeo.

Notes on use

- Please note that in line with YouTube's terms and conditions of use, it is prohibited to save YouTube content.
- Carefully read and respect the terms and conditions of sites you use.

You can enjoy saved media offline:

- Play downloaded/saved media as many times as you wish
- Save/download music files like mp3 or wma as cache and play them offline
- Compatible with stream transmission. Watch saved videos anytime
- Compatible with mp4 and mp3
- You can play saved files on different video/music players
- Download/save favorite videos/images/pdf files

Support 16 languages

Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified and traditional form), Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thailand language (Tagalog), Arabic, German, French, Italian, Turkish Vietnamese and Russian.

Download and use it now: Multi Video Clip: Downloader 1.0.0 free download

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Size: 4809 kb


4 stars

Operating System: Android

Publisher/Developer: topmagic8

Release Date: May 11, 2015

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