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We all want our devices to work seamlessly. For achieving such a thing there's nothing like checking how it's feeling. Having info about RAM, CPU, storage and battery usage are key to determine if there are overdemanding apps or processes that can slow down our device's performance.That's why the developer Zsolt Zakál's (zsoltz) NotiSysinfo Pro makes all sense. It is a simple app that sets a fixed widget into the notification drawer. This widget displays system info you can set at your whim. Thus, you can tweak from the info it displays (RAM, CPU, storage and battery usage) to the how it is displayed.What's more, it includes a customizable notification icon in the status bar. It can display nearly everything that the "widget" itself can. The icon is configurable to display free RAM(in %), used RAM (in%), free or used storage (in %) and battery level (in %).Actually, as sober as a system-info widget may sound, NotiSysinfo Pro is a highly customizable one when it comes to appearance. In other words, you can set the bar color, the icon style, the text size, the update interval, refresh on tap, start on boot, and even the format of the expanded view.Set it at your whim; in such a way that you feel it both comfortable and informative. Prevention is better than cure, they say. You best know how is your device feeling before regretting the consequences of a wrong usage.Although I'm personally missing more detailed info when tapping on it (most-demanding apps listed, apps unused, etc.), NotiSysinfo Pro is a highly configurable and useful widget which everyone who cares about their devices' health should always keep installed.

Developer's original description available here

NotiSysinfo - System Information in the notification drawer

This is the FREE verison of NotiSysinfo.
NotiSysinfo (Notification System Information) is a small system monitoring background service. It displays system information as a notification, thus you can check your device's RAM, storage, battery usage whenever you want, without starting any application.

The notification is customizable and can display the following information:
• RAM information (total, free, used)
• Two configurable storage information panels (eg: internal storage and SD card)
• Battery info (battery level, temeprature, voltage)

You can customize the color of the usage bars.

Get the Pro version for more features and customization:
• CPU information panel: usage, frequency per cores
• Customizable collapsed view
• Customizable notification icon:
• RAM free or used percentage
• CPU usage percentage
• Storage free or used percentage
• Battery level
• 10 different bar colors
• 30+ different background colors and styles for your SysInfo notification

Review on XDA devlopers:
Get Information about System Resources with NotiSysInfo

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