Pocket Locket - Free RELEASE 1.0

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Pocket Locket - Free

Pocket Locket is a lightweight service which automatically turns off and locks the screen, when you put your phone in your pocket and turns it back on if you pull it out again. The good thing is, that you will never have to touch the power button again. This not only warrants that your phone won't be out of order too soon, but also makes using your phone more efficient in general.

The phone should turn off and lock immediately when put into the pocket. Nevertheless on some devices, the screen off delay is quite high (5-10sec.). In this case, the "Pocket Locket Admin" should always be turned on when starting the service, to ensure that no apps will be started or phone calls being initiated by accident, when the phone is in your pocket.

With Pocket Locket it is also possible to add certain apps to a whitelist which will prevent the screen from beeing turned off and blocked while one of these apps is running in the foreground.

There is a donate-version of this app available, too, which doesn't need internet and network permission that is needed by this app for a banner which is shown below the applications-whitelist.

Additional features

- drains almost no battery
- easy and feasible use (no needless settings)
- while not in your pocket, you may choose to always keep the screen on at current brightness level
- activate autostart on boot
- change service settings via notification bar

When Pocket Locket is running, the app logo is shown on the status bar.

Hint: If your phone is turned off and lying on the table, just swipe over the proximity sensor to turn the screen on.

There is really no need to press the power button anymore, except for turning-off or restarting the device!

Recent changes:

Sorry to all who downloaded Pocket Locket and have older Android versions 2.2, 2.3...

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Operating System: Android

Publisher/Developer: Alboi GbR

Release Date: May 31, 2014

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