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PulsePoint AED

Help build the most comprehensive registry of AEDs for use during emergencies.

When a cardiac emergency strikes, finding an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) can help save a life. But that takes knowing where AEDs are located. PulsePoint AED lets you report and update AED locations so that emergency responders – nearby citizens trained in CPR or local firefighters, police or medics -- can find an AED close to them when a cardiac emergency occurs.

You and PulsePoint AED can help strengthen the chain of survival for cardiac arrest victims. Download PulsePoint AED for free and use it to report AED locations wherever you see one. Snap a picture, make some quick notes, and the information is stored for local authorities to verify. After that, the AED location data is made available to anyone using the PulsePoint citizen responder app (also available for free in the Google Play store). PulsePoint Respond is the app that alerts citizen responders who know CPR to local emergencies near them and also to the location of the nearest AED.

Not only do all validated AED’s become visible in the PulsePoint Respond app, all collected AED information is provided to the local emergency communications center for instant display on dispatcher consoles during calls for assistance. This allows the dispatchers to direct callers to nearby public AEDs when necessary.

PulsePoint AED is a great way to crowd-source lifesaving information. Users of PulsePoint Respond and subscribing local emergency responders all get updated information about the AEDs in their communities. With PulsePoint AED and PulsePoint Respond, citizens, responders, and care providers can work together in their communities to help victims in a cardiac emergency.

PulsePoint AED and PulsePoint Respond are produced by the PulsePoint Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to empowering everyday citizens to provide lifesaving assistance to victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Engineering for the applications is provided by skilled volunteers from Workday, Inc. and are marketed and implemented by Physio-Control, Inc. makers of Lifesaving Tools for Lifesaving Teams since 1955.

For more information, visit our web site at www.pulsepoint.org or contact us at [email protected]

Recent changes:
Scope view when searching for existing AEDs.
Stability improvements.

Download and use it now: PulsePoint AED 1.0.1 free download

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