Quick Songs Downloader 1.2

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Quick Songs Downloader

Expand your music library with just a few clicks and support new creative bands, who are willing to promote their new songs for free today.

Install this songs search app to bring whole new world of unknown music to your phone. Using our Android application you can look for any free music among preset royalty-free music databases.

This songs downloader is a free music download app which lets you download “UNLIMITED” legal MP3 Songs from internet for FREE.
This is NOT a lite version or a limited featured free version. THIS IS A FULL working VERSION of our APP available for free. We're going to turn it to paid service very soon, but it won't affect you if you installed our app this month - it's absolutely free for you and will be free as long as you have it on your phone.

It's quite simple to use and that's why users like it so much. Just specify one of free music databases from which you wish to download the music, type the hit name and once search results shown, hit download button - you would have the song right in your phone.

- it's trully UNLIMITED FUN!

With Songs downloader it's possible to find greatest hits of classic music, cute, lovely songs for babies, kids and old romance songs.
There is lots of famous jazz, free techno, classical, pop, and even some fresh DJ's dance music (promoting their fresh tracks online).

You can download it on your note device, smart phone, tablet or another Android-based device.

Once free song is downloaded you can set it as a ringtone, alarm signal or just play it with your favorite music player. It's basically unlimited access to all new and unknown music copositions you would never find before.
Give it a try and You'll be amazed how easy it can find your favorite song in a very high quality. Get the music you love, or discover new random tunes around! And of course, keep it all in your music library.

If you like our app, please recommend us to your friends via Facebook, VK, Twitter or any other social networks. Let them explore new bands and enjoy new music of their favorite genres.

Download and use it now: Quick Songs Downloader 1.2 free download

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