Res i Sthlm: SL trip planner 1.0

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Res i Sthlm: SL trip planner

Simplify your traveling in Stockholm using public transport and Res i Sthlm, a free journey planner for SL (Stockholm region's traffic authority). Either you're traveling by bus or commuter train, metro or light rail, the app helps you plan you whole journey easily.

- Search trip, supporting your whole journey. Specify from and to where you want to travel within the region and get trip suggestions for journeys including the subway (metro), commuter trains, local trains, buses and boats among others

- Locate your trip’s starting point and destination through positioning, on the map or by searching for a certain stop or address
- When a suggested trip contains a walk between an address and a stop, the app can hand over the walk’s start and destination to the phone’s navigation utility
- Favorite trips, save your favorites to simplify your future tips searches

- Realtime information, showing current departure times for any chosen stop
Traffic problem, showing any disruptions or deviations affecting the traffic
- Automatic language support for english and swedish

The app supplies information about all of SL:s traffic thanks to the Trafiklab API:s SL Place locator, SL Nearby stops, SL Journey planner, SL Realtime information, SL Traffic situation och SL Deviation information

Download and use it now: Res i Sthlm: SL trip planner 1.0 free download

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