Ridlr: Public Transport App 3.0.0

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Ridlr: Public Transport App

Supported Cities and Agencies:

Bangalore (BMTC, Bangalore Metro)

Chandigarh (CTU)

Jaipur (JCTSL)

New Delhi (DTC, Delhi Metro, Rapid Metro)

Pune (PMPML, Local Train)

Mumbai (BEST, TMT, NMMT, KDMT, MBMT, Western Railway, Central Railway, Harbour Railway
Trans Harbour Railway, Diva Roha Train, Mumbai Metro, Monorail)

Chennai (Southern Railways, MTC Bus)

Ahmedabad (AMTS, Janmarg BRTS)

If public transport has you stumped, consider the riddle solved. Ridlr - an easy-to-use public transportation app is here with real time information (including delays!) about bus, local train, metro and monorail schedules, to help you stay ahead of time.
With Ridlr, you can

●View real arrival times for buses, trains, metro & monorail
●Use our database of time-tables to plan city travel, well ahead of time
●Find the fastest and most convenient connections and routes to your destination
●Customize your journey using multiple modes of public transport
●Download schedules to check arrival/departure timings even without an internet connection
●Save regular routes to Favorites for easy access
●‘Hop On’ when you board a bus or train to share its real-time location with everyone on the Ridlr network
●Use ‘Hop on’ to alert friends and family as soon as you've got on a bus or train
●Share your location and planned route with friends using social networks and Whatsapp

Long waits and frustrating commutes will soon become a thing of the past. Just enter your destination, and Ridlr will use time-tables and live traffic updates, to tell you exactly when to expect the next local train, bus or metro, and how long each will take to get you to your stop. Press ‘Hop On’ when you board to share the precise time at which the bus or train has reached your stop. It’s as easy as checking in on Zomato or FourSquare. This will help other people waiting for it know exactly how far it is. The more everybody ‘hops on’, the more accurate the information they get becomes.

And the great thing is, you benefit even when your friends ‘Hop On’. You’ll know exactly when they’ll reach the restaurant or coffee shop so you can leave accordingly. You can also sync your travel with them using ‘Hop On’, making sure you board the same train or bus.

Ridlr supports the idea of green living and keeping your carbon footprint low. Using public transport to get around city streets is more eco-friendly and economic, and now these benefits don’t come at the expense of time. With Ridlr, you’ll save a lot of time which you may have otherwise wasted stuck on the road, or at a station or stop waiting for the next train or bus to come.

You can log in to our website or find us on Facebook for any questions, comments or suggestions. Happy travelling!

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