Simple Bible - Vaiphei 1.0

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Simple Bible - Vaiphei

※ Contents
1. The Holy Bible in Vaiphei, Spoken in parts of North-East India, Myanmar and Bangladesh, Since 1946
2. The Holy Bible in Basic English, Published by Cambridge University, Translated by Prof. S. H. Hooke, University of London, BBE is composed of 1,000 words since 1949.
3. Extra Contents

☞ Extra Contents in English
1. Bible Reading Plan for 50 Days/Weeks
2. 60 Bible Key Verses
3. The Lord’s Prayer, The Apostles' Creed, and The Lausanne Covenant
4. Bible Reading History (Save by Pressing menu in each chapter)
5. Searching the Bible verses by words, Listening Audio, etc.

☞ Etc.
1. Offline Bible (Internet connection is not required.)
2. Very useful to study English with the best book in the world
3. Supporting Extra Large Screen (both portrait and landscape mode)
4. No suspicious Access Permissions

☞ The app. can interact with audio files in "audio4bible" folder in external storage.
The audio file name format needs to be "[Book]-[Chapter].mp3", eg. /mnt/sdcard/audio4bible/2Chronicles-36.mp3

※ Note! This app. provides the function working with audio files. It does not provide actual audio files. You need to download audio files separately.

ps 1. You can distribute this application freely in any situation for His favor. ;)

ps 2. There are many different language versions of Bible from the project and Bible Story series apps. We hope this can help to the faith of our children.

※ You have been taught the holy Scriptures from childhood, and they have given you the wisdom to receive the salvation that comes by trusting in Christ Jesus. 2 Timothy 3:15

★ The Bible-smith Project: "The Gospel for Everyone"
This project develops any kind of Bible related Apps/Info. for more effective and efficient evangelism.
Please walk together with this project by prayer, and you can send us the Bible text (VPL: Verse Per Line Format) in any language where needs the gospel. We will develop a Bible android app. of that language. (Every process and product are free of charge. ;)

To donate this project, you can buy "Simple Bible ()" package from the market,
or PayPal: [email protected]

Kind regards,
God bless,

Recent changes:
※ Please write a brief testimony about His words in review. This will be appreciated and may please God that we share and encourage each other. God bless!

☞ Special thanks to: Sona Vaiphei and McGinlianthang
This application is prepared by Sona Vaiphei and McGinlianthang through the Bible-smith project.

Download and use it now: Simple Bible - Vaiphei 1.0 free download

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