Skydiving 3D - extreme sports

Skydiving 3D - extreme sports

Did you ever dreamt of flying? No need to dream anymore, Learn to Skydive with Skydiving 3D - Extreme sports. Jump from the aircraft at a major altitude, then you need to perform an assortment of different manoeuvres.

As you descend towards the ground you will be asked to perform different tasks to clear the levels. The first intentional freefall jump is very easy to clear even for the newest skydiver outthere. Make use of the terminal velocity during the free-fall and use this time to see if you got the skills needed to clear the levels. Dont forget that the acceleration will go faster once you come closer to the ground.

- Dive out off an airplane at an altitude of 13.000 feet
- This is a fun free falling simulator
- Loads of different levels to clear
- this extreme sports game will get harder and harder
- No restrictions, fail down and try to earn your stripes

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5 stars

Publisher/Developer: VascoGames

Release Date: Jun 13, 2014

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