Terraria Helper - Craft guide 1.0.2

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Terraria Helper - Craft guide

Terraria helper contains a full strategy guide giving you tips and tricks on crafting, items, enemies and more! Terraria helper is the ultimate resource for finding what you need for each platform.

Features include:
+ A fully indexed and searchable list of all items.
+ A filter option to specify which types of items you wish to see.
+ Crafting details including items recipes and what objects can be crafted with it.
+ Full list of enemies that you may battle with.
+ A complete guide to NPCs that you may encounter.
+ A full list of armor sets, plus the option to specify which types you own.

Please Note:
This app is not affiliated with Re-Logic or 505 Games. Thanks to Andrew "Redigit" Spinks for such a great game.

Please let us know if you find we are missing any information or would like to suggest features added to the next version!

Recent changes:
+ Removed duplicate item listings.
+ Increased size of item thumbnails.
+ Fixed missing items.

Download and use it now: Terraria Helper - Craft guide 1.0.2 free download

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Publisher/Developer: Hankinsoft Development, Inc

Release Date: Apr 21, 2014

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