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udn Focus

Tired of going through endless streams of irrelevant news? Taiwan’s first 'Digest' type of news app will deliver 8-10 articles of top news twice a day in the morning & afternoon. From a dedicated newsroom team, the app provides essential news stories from around the globe with bullet-point analysis as well as key related links. This app will speed up & optimize your daily news intake by leaps & bounds.


◆ Daily digest
Deliver 8-10 top stories twice a day.

◆ Topics
Include finance, life, politics, world, sports, etc. and “this day in history” and “fun quiz” specially presented.

◆ Format
Provide easy-to-read interactive format with visual elements, such as photos, videos and charts.

◆ Archive
Browse recent 7 days editions at any time.

◆ Share
Share stories on social media platforms.

◆ UI
Best mobile UI, simple and effortless.

Recent changes:
‧ Bug 修正
‧ 加強穩定度
‧ 使用介面調整

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