Wear Mini Launcher 1.2.2

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Wear Mini Launcher

It's often a pain to open an app on your wear device. You have to remember its name of scroll through different lists to find and launch it.
Wear Mini Launcher is designed to allow you to launch any app from anywhere.

You have also access to quick settings with the double swipe gesture. You can change the brightness of your wear device, change the wifi state, the ring mode of your handheld or make it ring to find it back!

Make it looks like you! With many customization options, the launcher is now exactly as you want it to be.

You have to own a wear device to use this app

This is a first release, so don't hesitate to mail me if you have a suggestion or you find a bug.

First start
To make it work when you first install it, please:
* Open the app on your smartphone while the watch is connected
* Open the app on your watch

Recent changes:
* Chose the default drawer
* Show if devices are plugged
* Bug fixes

* Both battery levels displayed in Quick Settings
* Crash fix

* Quick Settings drawer: swipe a second time to make it appear

* Disable haptic feedback
* Disable labels
* Icon size
* Drawer style
* Column count

Download and use it now: Wear Mini Launcher 1.2.2 free download

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Size: 3007 kb

Operating System: Android

Publisher/Developer: Nicolas POMEPUY

Release Date: Jul 23, 2014

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