Writeily: Markdown Text Editor 1.0.5

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Writeily: Markdown Text Editor

Writeily is a beautifully simple, Holo-inspired, text editor for Android devices.


- Create notes, documents, short stories, or even a whole book in a minimal editor.
- Enjoy a colourful, inspired, design.
- Switch between light and dark themes.
- Switch between different Roboto typefaces.
- Organize notes by starring the most important notes in your list.
- Preview your work in a rendered Markdown view.
- Share your work to other apps via the Share button.
- Share works from **other** apps into Writeily.
- FREE! And No ads :).

Get writing!

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Writeily is developed by a single developer. I would love to hear what you think, and if you have anything to say, good or bad, let me know at: [email protected]

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Recent changes:
- Fixed a bug where if you type a long paragraph as the title, the note won't save.
- Fixed a bug where notes with empty first lines don't save.
- Fixed a bug where lists require two enters to process properly

- Sorry guys for these bugs! But thanks for letting me know! Happy writing!

- NEW! Choose to share a note as plain text, or markdown-processed HTML
- New monospace font option
- Removed "Thin" and "Medium" font options due to device incompatibilities
- Minor UI tweaks

Download and use it now: Writeily: Markdown Text Editor 1.0.5 free download

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4 stars

Operating System: Android

Publisher/Developer: Jeff Martin

Release Date: Apr 21, 2014

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