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xkcd Browser

xkcd Browser is a Comic Viewer for the Webcomic of xkcd.com and a Reader for Articles at what-if.xkcd.com.

xkcd Comics:
* Shows Comic's Title, Image, Hover Text, etc.
* Offline Storage, Download All & Offline Mode
* Notification for new Comics
* Archive: List of all Comics
* Random & Search Function
* Favorites & Comic Ranking
* Integration of explainxkcd.com
* Remember last position
* Pinch to Zoom, Swipe/Fling to navigate back/forward
* 4 different Themes.

What-if Articles:
* Read Article including images and TeX formulas
* Offline Storage, Download All & Offline Mode
* Notification for new Articles
* Archive: List of all Articles

Tags: xkcd, screenshot of xkcd, webcomic browser, xkcd qr code, xkcd search.

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